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Hardwood flooring makes room design easy

You can create a rustic decor, an elegant decor, or anything in between with hardwood flooring. A wood floor is certain to elevate the look of any room regardless of your choice of decor. A variety of domestic and exotic woods are available. You can choose from many different colors and wood grain patterns, and best of all, no two pieces of solid hardwood are alike. The friendly staff at J.B. Woodward Floors Inc can help you find the best brand for your home. We provide a large selection of floor coverings, including hardwood, at our Riverside, California, showroom.

Solid wood and more

You can opt for traditional solid wood strips or planks, or you can choose engineered wood that consists of a base with a layer of hardwood on top. Oak, maple, and cherry are some of the hardest, and therefore, best woods for flooring. Ash, walnut, and mahogany are good choices too. Brazilian pecan, Australian cypress, and tiger wood are some of the exotic species that boast vibrant, unusual colors and interesting wood grains. Note the Janka hardness rating for domestic species when comparing brands. Hardwood floors are not toxic, and they do not trap dust, dirt, and allergens. While traditional wood flooring can only be used in rooms that are above ground, engineered wood can be placed in basements.
Gorgeous hardwood flooring in San Bernardino, CA from J.B. Woodward Floors Inc

Hardwood installation

Solid wood strips and planks are milled from one piece of wood. Finished wood is sanded, stained, and sealed in the factory while unfinished wood is installed and finished on-site, a job that takes about two weeks. Powerful factory-applied finishes may have warranties as high as 25 years while on-site finishes are often backed by a 3-to 5-year warranty. Prefinished hardwood floors have a beveled look. Floors that are finished in the home have a flush look. In general, solid hardwood is nailed to the subfloor while engineered wood is fitted together to form a floating floor that is not attached to the subfloor. A solid wood floor can be refinished many times when it begins to look worn. Most engineered wood floors can be refinished once or twice.

J.B. Woodward Floors Inc has been serving Riverside, Corona, San Bernardino, Moreno Valley, and nearby communities for many decades. Our experienced team can install any type of hardwood flooring. Stop by our showroom in Riverside or give us a call. Our design consultants can guide you through your flooring project.