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Create a unique floor with linoleum

Linoleum is an eco-friendly type of flooring that is made from natural materials like solidified ground cork dust, linseed oil, wood flour, and pine resin. This nonflammable and durable floor covering has been on the market for more than one hundred years. It is ideal for kitchens and bathrooms. J.B. Woodward Floors Inc is a family-owned and operated linoleum flooring retailer in Riverside, California. You can find top linoleum brands in our showroom as well as other kinds of flooring.

Flooring options

Linoleum offered in 2 -6 mm thickness, is soft and warm underfoot. It’s a great choice if you want to use flooring to enhance a room’s color scheme. The floor will be unique to your home if you mix colors and styles. Available colors include solid, marble, flecked, and patterns. To match the seams properly, you may need to order extra flooring when you choose a brand with a pattern. Scratches, minor damage, and general wear are hard to see since the color and pattern run through the entire body of the flooring. In contrast, flooring types that have a surface with a different color than a separate base or middle layer make abrasion more noticeable. Three types of linoleum are available:

  • Sheet - Most popular; comes in the widest selection of colors and patterns
  • Tile - For those who like the look of tile; a good alternative to ceramic or stone tile
  • Floating - No adhesive needed for installation; planks have click and lock edges that click into place; floor rests above the subfloor rather than being attached to it
Affordable vinyl flooring in San Bernardino, CA from J.B. Woodward Floors Inc


Linoleum can be installed over radiant heating, and sometimes it can be installed over an existing floor. You can choose a finish that ranges from matte to glossy. Some brands come with a factory-applied protective coating. Or installers apply the protective coating after the floor is installed. It makes the floor more resistant to water damage and abrasion. Depending on the brand, it may need to be reapplied about every five years. Also, the floor may need to be waxed on a routine basis. Linoleum may look similar to vinyl flooring, but it is thicker and stiffer. Therefore, it is harder to work with. Installation is best left to the pros.

J.B. Woodward Floors Inc is a linoleum flooring store in Southern California that has been serving Riverside, Corona, San Bernardino, Moreno Valley, and surrounding areas for many decades. Our selection of floor coverings includes a large number of green products. We also offer expert installation services.